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Nigerians In Diaspora Cry Out For Help As Their Life Investment In Properties In Nigeria Is Taken Away By AMCON

Nigerians In Diaspora Cry Out For Help As Their Life Investment In Properties In Nigeria Is Taken Away By AMCONRead the press release by a resident of Victoria Park Below.Over 50 Nigerians in Diaspora have cried out as AMCON disposes them of their land and properties in Victory Park Estate. Nigerians in Diaspora who bought land and are at different stages of building their Home Coming Buildings and Apartments in Victory Park have woken up to a rude shock as Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) through its Receiver Manager, Mr Lanre Olaoluwa, with the backing of heavily Armed Police Men and Thugs purportedly OPC, have taken over their land and properties in Victory Park Estate, Lekki Lagos.These Nigerians in Daispora invested in Properties back home in Nigeria for a possible future settlement of their families back in Nigeria. They Invested like most Nigerians in a supposed secured Site and Service Estate that was widely published in major News Papers, Property Magazines, Newsletters and Various Online Platforms.The Land Registry in Lagos gave an all clear to the lands in Victory Park Estate under Knight Rook; The Banks that gave loan to the Promoters of Victory Park Estate did not register any Charge against the Land in Victory Park at the Land Registry or anywhere else. The Banks had full knowledge that the Awosedo’s (Owners of Knight Rook and Grant Properties) were selling the lands in Victory Park Estate to innocent Nigerians both home and in diaspora.AMCON, we are told bought over the debt in 2014, and continued to meet with the Awosedo’s to recover the debt without putting out any caveat on the Land, they allowed the Awosedo’s to continue to sell lands to innocent Nigerians. Since negotiations between Awosedo’s, the Banks and AMCON failed, AMCON have now decided to take away the land and properties of the innocent Nigerians that are by law categories as “Bonifide Purchaser for Value without Notice”.We are in the diaspora; AMCON is an Agency of Government that is meant to protect its citizens from such fraudulent and corrupt practices. We bought our properties long before AMCON put out any notice of its claim to the Assets of the Awosedo’s, which include Knight Rook Limited and Grant Properties Limited. The same Awosedo’s with same registered address owns both Companies. If AMCON is taking over Knight Rook then it must recognize the land sold to Bonafide Purchaser for value.We don’t have the power and means to fight AMCON, we call on President Buhari and the Vice President Oshinbajo to set up a Commission of enquiry into the Victory Park Fraud on innocent Nigerians which AMCON is a party to as well as some Banks.If we cannot buy properties in our home country and feel safe from molestation, harassment and fraud, where lies our hope and that of our children? Please go after the Awosedo’s and the Bank that sold a fraudulent debt to AMCON. We bought our land in good faith and we did proper due diligence that is expected of any reasonable person.The post Nigerians In Diaspora Cry Out For Help As Their Life Investment In Properties In Nigeria Is Taken Away By AMCON appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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