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Single And Ready Club – Find A Partner And Get Married

Single And Ready Club Find A Partner And Get MarriedThe S&R Club is a high value networking platform for ready singles in Nigeria and diaspora, to meet, bond and grow with the sole purpose of marriage. The President and Founder of the club Mr. Chiemezie Ofodum explained during the launch of the brand which held at The House Café, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, that S&R Club became necessary to provide a solution to the difficulty experienced by eligible singles in finding appropriate spouses. This could be due to lack of time to socialize because of nature of work, meeting people who are not ready for marriage and just want to have fun at the expense of the other’s emotions, insufficient credible platforms/community to meet people of like minds who are single, ready and desire marriage. The S&R Club is here for everyone who is in that space. Click this video link by the President & prospective members for more details.  Also speaking as the brand launched in Lagos, the President of the Benson Idahosa University, Bishop FEB Idahosa also encouraged people who are in this challenging situation of not being able to find their dream spouse to give S&R Club community a chance. See Video here  Who is qualified to be an S&R Club member?The S & R Club is open to all who are single and ready.By Single we mean:1. Not married.2. Officially & legally divorced/annulled.3. Single parent.4. A widow/widower.  By Ready we mean:1. A verifiable legal means of livelihood, that is, must have a verifiable legal job or business (especially for the men-folk).2. A verifiable place of residence.  Qualified members of S&R Club are added to closed Instagram & Facebook accounts, only accessible to members where they are exposed to the full S&R Club benefits.Members derive some level of confidence in that fact that everyone on the closed platforms has successfully undergone the required background check.Also, members who sign up for the Premium Direct Link-Up package have the opportunity to get linked to 4 potential spouses carefully selected and profiled according to their requests with strict confidentiality.  S&R Club Membership CategoriesGold membershipPlatinum membershipPremium direct link-up How do I become a member?Simply apply on our website: www.singleandreadyclub.comFollow our Instagram and Facebook handles @singleandreadyclub and on twitter @sandrclub, click the link in our bio to indicate interest/apply to join the community.Send an e-mail to: OR   The post Single And Ready Club – Find A Partner And Get Married appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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